Your experience will start with a consultation that will determine the needs and function in your home. Following this our team will begin a preliminary design and together with you we will come up with a specification on what will go in your home. We continue this by using state of the art Computer Aided Design programs which bring us a clear picture of what you want. Whether it’s a floor plan, a 3-D image or an animated walk-through, we want to make sure our paths are on the right track.

Relationships are built, this is why we walk you through the process of building your home. Decisions are made by you with the assistance of our staff, designers, and suppliers. These are some of the tools we provide you with to make informed decisions on your selections and best of all you are never alone.

You have the lot, you have the home so your all set right? Not necessarily. We can also provide services in many other areas such as landscaping, additional details, and finishes other builders do not offer and many times leaving the new home owner to deal with after moving in. We will discuss this with you and come up with a solution that works for everyone.

We built your dream home and you’ve moved in. We’re not gone! You will have our support through our 10 year warranty program and also do a 1 year walk through with you.